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Why the 28-Day Change?

Experts say it takes roughly a month to build a new habit. The 28-Day Change is about changing your lifestyle by incorporating selected products and a clear plan into your daily life. The 28-Day Change is affordable, easy, & simple enough for anyone to follow!

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Available in a 250 or 500 pack through our secure online order site. Prices are in USD. The 250 option is perfect for one, while the 500 offers a great value for couples!
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Pure core 4 products

Love our amazing program to get healthy and fit! These GPS product will take your workout and sports performance to the next level! It’s a game changer y’all! So thankful God brought this in our life and how among we feel and how it’s helping our kids too! We are in the best shape of our life at 49 & 50! We look forward to helping others too!

I am a high school teacher and was assaulted at work by a student and couldn’t workout. So I gained about 30 pounds in 2 months. I was on the verge of having to take high blood pressure meds and after 45 days with Pure I lost 28 lbs and my high blood pressure went down to a perfect level. PLUS my hair started to grow back. I was taking the CORE 6, which is the Core 4 with Sulfur and Mila. God bless our products and company.

I believe the Goyin balanced my PH! After doing the 28 day detox, I no longer am addicted to sugar, therefore everynow and then I will get an itch but no huge patches or big flakes coming off my ears and from my scalp! Which just kept the cycle going. Now if I do eat sugar or dairy, I can tell but it resolves itself rather immediately!