HealthTrim Matcha Vegan Shake – Dark Chocolate – 14 Servings

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About HealthTrim Matcha Vegan Shake – Dark Chocolate – 14 Servings

Clean and lean plant-based protein shake combines premium, ceremonial matcha with sacha inchi and chlorella for an nourishing drink that helps support weight management and sustained energy.*

Matcha gets its nutritional value from the unique growing process. Unlike regular green tea leaves, matcha is grown in the shade, increasing the production of the antioxidant chlorophyll. The plants are meticulously covered one month before harvest time, blocking 90% of sunlight. The tea leaves are then steamed and dried after harvesting and then stone-ground into a very fine powder.

Our premium-quality matcha is used traditionally in Japanese tea ceremonies where it is highly regarded for its calming effect conducive to meditation.

Premium, ceremonial matcha

  • Naturally supports fat metabolism, which may help curb feelings of hunger
  • Aids in healthy digestion and cleansing
  • Superior antioxidant content. An independent study shows that matcha has over 100 times more antioxidants than traditionally brewed green tea

Sacha inchi complete protein

  • Contains 20 grams of protein per serving
  • Helps support blood glucose levels already in normal range*
  • Protein-rich sacha inchi contains omega fatty acids and all essential amino acids for sustained energy.
  • Naturally occurring tryptophan in sacha inchi helps serotonin production for elevated mood.

Nutrient-dense chlorella

  • A great source of nutrients and antioxidant-rich chlorophyll.
  • Naturally found in teas, theanine helps elevate mood, reduce stress, and enhance mental focus and clarity.

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