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While the caffeine used in our products is natural, it still provides a stimulant effect and may not be appropriate for all individuals. Some ingredients that contributor to caffeine content include cacao, green tea extract, guarana, and others. The following is a list of products that contain natural caffeine-containing ingredients, as along with the estimated caffeine content.

HealthTrim PURE Café
GPS Energize
360 Complete Shake
Metabolic ONE
Green Coffee Bean
Matcha Vegan Shake
150 mg
110 mg
120 mg
35 mg
88 mg
<16 mg
45-50 mg

Always consult with your doctor before using PURE’s products.  Individuals with existing medical conditions should be especially vigilant, as some of PURE’s products may make certain conditions worse or cause other complications. You may opt to work with a Naturopathic doctor or other integrative, licensed healthcare practitioner, who understands both herbal and conventional medicine to help you determine which products may be appropriate.