Body Challenge: 4 minutes Per Day for 28 Days


The most important exercises for strengthening the core part of the body are planks. Maybe as a beginner you think it is very simple and you find you just skip them out of your workouts. In fact, planking will melt down the fat from the stomach, strait the inner and outer muscles of your body’s back and upper part, the … Read More

LivinTrim Adventures – Up on the Ridge


Yet another glorious, hot sunny day here in the Okanagan. The days are getting longer, the sun is getting hotter, and the lake continues to rise and flood our great little town. We’re nearing the water line of the 1940 flood here in Kelowna, BC. I don’t think anyone could have predicted this, but it’s here and everyone must come … Read More

Livin Trim Adventures

livintrim adventures

Hiking is part of my daily routine. It’s my favourite part of the day. I get to zone out, enjoy nature and everything that this beautiful place has to offer. I am so grateful to call Kelowna, BC my home. I think sometimes a lot of us take for granted what we have in life so I personally try to … Read More