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B-EPIC Hydr8

About Hydr8

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Reported Benefits May Include:

  • Mineralizes and Alkalizes Regular Water
  • Supercharges Water with Over 70 Ionized Trace Minerals
  • Gives Drinking Water a Pleasing Natural Taste
  • Helps Restore pH Balance in the Body
  • Supports Optimal Health and Functioning
  • Plus, it is 100% Pure, Natural, and Sustainably Sourced

Hydrate your body with great-tasting mineralized, alkalized water! HYDR8 contains a unique, all-natural mineral complex found only in the pristine ocean near Okinawan that imparts remarkable health benefits. Plus, it gives drinking water a pleasing natural taste.

The easy-to-use sachets transform plain drinking water into mineral-rich, alkaline water supercharged with over 70 ionized trace minerals that are vital to the body for optimal health and functioning. Also, the higher alkalinity of HYDR8 water may help restore pH balance in the body by neutralizing acidic conditions that can lead to disease and illness.

HYDR8 is made from 100% pure Okinawa Sango coral calcium granules harvested from grains of fossilized coral deposits from the deep-sea ocean floor off the coast of the Okinawan Islands in Japan. No live coral is harvested. Great care is taken during harvesting so that living coral is not endangered.

For more information, including list of ingredients, refer to the Product Details document linked to above.

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