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These are actual notes and reviews from our Valentus Customers talking about their personal experiences with the Valentus line of products.

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So far I am very happy with the product. I have cut out a lot of junk food from my diet and just try and eat better. I find with the SlimROAST, I’m not really craving a bunch of junk anymore and I’m finding  myself not snacking anymore because it curbs my appetite and I now work out occasionally. SlimRoast does give me energy in the morning to get up and go to get the day started. So far, I’ve lost 16 pounds and 8.5 inches in 8 weeks!Tanya, Ontario
Valentus products have helped me get off the couch and get active which was one of my resolutions this year. I have more daily energy and focus. Trim has helped my hair and nails and I didn’t even know that was a benefit at first! Can’t go a day without my SlimRoast!Candace, British Columbia
I lost 25 lbs in his first 2 weeks just with TRIM and ENERGY! I lost 30 lbs at the end of his first month! Now I have lost a total of 45 lbs. in 3 months together with SLIM ROAST COFFEE twice daily in this program! I am not hungry during the day and can resist the sweets easily… Clothes certainly fit differently and people notice his weight loss…

My huge belly is going away! This is amazing!!Bill, Iowa

During my first month with Valentus I followed the 12-in-24 (QuickStart) plan with a SlimRoast in the morning (sometimes two), a Trim in the afternoon and the Immune Boost before bed and I have lost 15 lbs so far. Not bad for one month! I have increased energy and I don’t feel hungry all the time. Love these products! Thank You Valentus!!!Karen, Edmonton
I have been on Valentus for just one week now and lost 2.8 lbs.

I found it a little hard at first because I had to remember to take the drinks at the appropriate times. It’s all good now and I’m looking forward to my second week. I don’t feel as hungry as I used to as long as I have good healthy meals.

I find that I don’t want to snack all the time too! That’s the most exciting part. Boredom eating is what I do best but I’m trying to keep busy with other things and my husband and I are starting to be a little more active in the evenings.Mary, Alberta

I thought I was going to need surgery, …again! without going into details, for about 17 years now I’ve had an issue within my lower intestine that I’ve basically just had to live with, it was effecting my work and everyday life and how I felt in general, and even had surgery in 2011 to address it, but that only provided an improvement for about a year before conditions gradually returned to the way they were prior to surgery, and it was looking like surgery was inevitable again …but now, after only a week and a half of drinking an all new functional beverage, and that’s the only thing I’ve done different, everything is as it should be and I will no longer require surgery! ..and that’s not even the reason I started drinking it, so this is really an answer to prayer 🙂 No more wasting money on over the counter products that only treat symptoms, and not very well, not a diet, not a drug, not a meal replacement, not an exercise.Gerald, Saskachewan
I Just started last week but already noticed a huge difference in appetite control, and I’m already starting to see my weight going down! So far it’s been awesome!!David, Nova Scotia
Driving truck up and down the highways of Michigan everyday can be a little hectic and sometimes tiring, on my afternoon low I rip open a Prevail Energy mix it up and I am alert and ready to drive the rest of my shift. Prevail Energy works for me in minutes and the product truly does what it says it does! No more buying Red bull or five hour energy for me! Prevail Energy is the product of choice with only 4 grams of sugar! I feel great and will always use the Prevail Energy Product! This Energy is the real deal! Thank You Valentus!Dave, Michigan
I have never seen such a powerful fast acting product that actually works! I’ve tried EVERYTHING from diet shakes, diet pills, calorie counting, etc. Nothing would get rid of my stubborn muffin top!

I stay active but my weight had plateaued for two years and I was just frustrated! I started using the products on a daily basis and in my first month I lost 15lbs! I am astounded! Not to mention I’m super focused, my business is growing and I have enough energy (and time freedom) to run circles around my little boy at the end of the day. All you have to do is take a look at the ingredients that are in the products to see how this is possible. Once you see how incredible they are go get a few boxes. I promise, you’ll never go back to your old habits again.Jordan, Maryland

No one person’s results should be seen as typical. Everyone’s body is different and specific weight-loss amounts are not guaranteed. If you’re not sure if Valentus is right for you, see our ingredient list and consult your physician before starting any new weight-management plan.